Why Should I Subscribe?

Posted in uncategorized by Nathan Creitz on November 17, 2008

rss8Since I didn’t have any time today to post anything important, I thought I would invite my readers to subscribe to my blog. So here is a somewhat humorous look at why I think you should subscribe to my blog today!

Why Should I Subscribe to ChurchETHOS?

I know not everyone uses a Feed Reader but I hope those who do will subscribe to my content. Why should you subscribe to ChurchETHOS?

rss A subscription to my blog will ensure that you always step in it while it’s still fresh (and hopefully some of it will stick to your shoe so that others can get a whiff).

rss2 It’s an easy process and it’s free. That’s right, my content isn’t worth paying for 😉 Just click here (or don’t).

rss1 An email subscription will send my posts directly to your inbox. That way if you don’t like it or it makes you angry, you can have the satisfaction of sending it to the trash can. You can even print it out and physically crush it in your hand before throwing it in the trash can (but that’s not very environmentally friendly…or friendly).

rss3 You won’t check my blog one day and discover that nothing new has happened, OR, check my blog one day and realize you are way behind. All that wasted time stalking my blog could be spent stalking me on Twitter.

rss4 It’s like being subscribed to a newspaper. Except you don’t have to put on your wife’s bath robe and slippers just to walk out in the snow and retrieve your paper from the neighbor’s your sidewalk. How embarrassing! Oh yeah, and it’s nothing like being subscribed to a newspaper.

rss5 Subscribing to my feed will make me feel more important than I really am. Then, if I start sounding self-aggrandizing in my posts, you get to come in and set me straight in the comments section. You will be doing God’s work by holding me accountable. (By the way – self-aggrandizing, huh? – impressive word choice isn’t it? Look at me…look at me!)

rss7 I won’t have time to post anything today (other than this post), so make sure you get future content by subscribing now.

rss6 ***BONUS*** If you need a reason for others to subscribe to YOUR blog and thought these were good reasons to sign up, please link to this post, email me with the url, and in a few weeks I will write a thank you post that will include a link to your blog. Your readers will get great reasons to subscribe to YOUR blog, but will mistakenly end up subscribing to MY blog – but at least you will get some link love. (If you arrived here from another blog, you can subscribe to THEIR blog here).

Finally, If you already have more subscribers than me (you do), you should still link to this post…I won’t bore you with reasons because I wouldn’t want to insult your intelligence with something like “The 15 Reasons Why More Successful Bloggers Than Myself Should Link to Such an Unimportant Blog as This One”. Because if I wanted to, I could. You probably already know all of those reasons so please just subscribe to me and send me a link and I’ll show you some link love too and we won’t worry about such trivial things like “reasons”.

What is a feed reader? You read this entire post and you’re just now asking?

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