Free eBook: Reaching the Campus Tribes

Posted in missiology by Nathan Creitz on April 20, 2009
by Benson Hines

by Benson Hines

My friend Benson Hines spent a year traveling all across the country with no other objective than to discover what God is doing on university campuses. He wrote a book detailing his discoveries and now he’s exhorting church leaders to join what God is doing. The university campus is the most important mission field in North America (and I’m sure in other areas as well).

This eBook is a powerful wake-up-call AND a call-to-arms for the church whether they are near a university or not. Everyone needs to be involved in this work on so many different levels, but Reaching the Campus Tribes also advocates for being more strategic and not just busy. I know that this book will awaken the American church to the reality that the nations are coming here to study. Until the American church realizes that the gospel is powerful to everyone who believes in it – like the people in Rome who were the intellectual elite and to the universities of today – we will not be effective in any facet of our contemporary society. Until the church becomes a powerful force on campus, we will never influence governments and cultures and nations. I believe this book has a healthy dose of reality without limiting the power of God to work wonders in the universities of our country.

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