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Posted in uncategorized by Nathan Creitz on July 7, 2008
When I first started this blog I wrote a post called Christ, Culture, Creation, and the Church. I wrote it to let people know about the four main topics that I will be writing about. In summary, I write about Christ because I follow Him. I write about culture because I know Christ can redeem it. I write about creation because I know Christ can restore it. And I write about the Church because I want to help the Church understand those first three issues better.
That’s right, I want to help the Church (and I’m part of the Church) understand Christ better. So, I want to write one post specifically about each of these issues to really help clarify why I’m blogging about them.
To begin with, I write about Christ. But I don’t just write about Him, I love Him. That means I talk to Him, I read about Him, I try and live my life like Him. Like Short Round mimicking everything that Indiana Jones does, I want my heart to beat like His. Normally, I call Him by His name: Jesus. I use the title “Christ” here because it goes so well with the other three issues that I like to ponder and write about. So, here are some reasons I write about Jesus.
Global Influence
I don’t know if there is another person with as much popularity today as Jesus. Easily one-third of all people today claim to be Christians. That means they’ve at least heard about Jesus and have respect for Him (even if they aren’t truly Christian). At least another third of the world population follow religions that would regard Jesus as an important prophet, or guru. This means that at least two-thirds total of the entire world would have respect for the man, if not actually follow Him as Lord of their lives. Add to that another 5% or so who take His name in vain and you’ve got quite a considerable amount of people who have the name of Jesus on their lips. Jesus’ influence globally is reason enough to write about Him and to study His life.
Historical Influence
In addition to global influence, Jesus also has a significant amount of historical influence. There was a time in history when Christianity dominated the religious landscape. He made such an impact that the years after His death and resurrection, His followers were willing to die for their love of Jesus. For roughly three centuries Christians (the followers of Jesus) were crucified, burned, and beaten for their faith. Sadly, after the age of Constantine, people claiming to follow Christ strayed further and further from His teachings, but the Church still stands as a monument to the movement that was created from the wake of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Not to mention that time is now delineated from the birth of Jesus to the present. Of course, we’ve changed that from BC (before Christ) to BCE (before the common era) because not everyone wants to acknowledge that even our calendar was affected by the birth of Jesus.
His Message
Another reason to write about, study, and follow Jesus is because of His message. The message that Jesus brings to us is a simple but important one: God created the world. He created humans as a special masterpiece of His creation and walked with them and had fellowship with them in the garden. However, the first people disobeyed God and thus, sin entered the world. Sin and disobedience to God invites His wrath and so God threw Adam and Eve out of the garden where they once had such sweet fellowship with Him. This was because of His character. God is holy (morally perfect) and just (cannot allow a guilty person to go free) and so humans were helplessly lost and separated from God. There was no way to reobtain His favor. The good news is, God is also merciful. At first, that doesn’t make sense with the whole “God is just” portion of the story, but this is where Jesus comes in. Jesus is God and He is also holy, just, and merciful. It so happened that while we were still in the midst of our sins, Jesus died in our place, taking upon Himself the wrath and justice of God. He was an acceptable substitute who could assuage the anger of God. Therefore, the good news about Jesus is that He died in our place even when we were still hostile and rebellious towards God. How great is the love of God. It’s not often that someone will die for another person, it’s even rarer that someone would die for someone that they don’t know, much less for someone who was hostile towards them. That is the message of Romans 5:7-8 which says, “For rarely will someone die for a just person – though for a good person perhaps someone might even dare to die. But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us!” Jesus’ message, and the message about Jesus is unlike anything humans could have invented. It’s a story and a message that invites people to follow Jesus.
My Story
Finally, I write about Jesus because I know Him. If someone said to you, “Oh yeah, I know Benjamin Franklin, we’re great friends,” you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. So, for me to say that I know Jesus invites your ridicule and rejection. But that should prove to people either my sincerity or my insanity. Think what you want but I sincerely know Jesus. Thousands of people have died for their faith in Jesus because they knew Him and that invited derision and persecution. I follow Jesus because He has brought joy and peace to my life and I know that nothing that this earth has to offer can bring me more joy and peace than Jesus.
So there’s my reason for writing about Christ. Following Him affects everything that I do. The way I love my wife, my family, my friends, even my cats, all of it is affected by Jesus. I am a seminary student because I want to learn more about Him. The way I spend my money (or choose not to spend it) is a direct result of my relationship with Him. The causes, both humanitarian and environmental, that I involve myself with are because of my desire to bring the same joy and peace that I’ve found to others.
What about you? Why do you follow Jesus? Why do you reject Him?

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  1. The Introvert said, on July 7, 2008 at 3.48 pm

    Why do I follow Him? There are so many reasons. I started following Him because He asked me to. I continue to follow Him because of the way He affects my life every day. He loves me, comforts me, provides for me, and teaches me. Things would have been so much worse had I chosen never to follow Him.

  2. kristarella said, on July 8, 2008 at 9.13 pm

    I started following him because I knew I’d done the wrong thing(s) and needed forgiveness. I struggle to follow him because the short-term alternative is easier. I keep following him because he’s faithful and enables me to… and the long-term alternative doesn’t sound inviting.

    How confident are you of those numbers you gave? They seem awfully high to me.

  3. Anonymous said, on August 12, 2008 at 8.38 pm

    Why i don’t follow “him” simply because i choose reason rather then “faith”…

    And i simply can’t understand how those who belive in the bible, the creation, in fact god!!
    One good example is when you try to use the big bang theory to implicate god in that theory just makes it a usless theory.
    Why would anyone create something first with a big bang and total chaos?
    But if god created the big bang and the universe who created god by then who created the creator???
    But why make so vast distanses between the planets and other galaxys??
    And infact on our planet it’s animals and insects that this planet is more sutibel for than us humans..

    “What if we picked the wrong God? And every week we’re just making him madder and madder?” / A quote by Homer Simpson

    That dosen’t sounds to me like that creator is very or has high intelligence or am i wrong??

    I belive that the big bang happend without and “agent” that started it, the big bang started from the singularity which means that the singularity has zero dimension and almost infinite mass and energi, but not an supernatural beeing.

    if u like to resond to this then you can e-mail me on

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