Christ, Culture, Creation, and the Church

Posted in christian thought, church reform, cultural relevance, environment by Nathan Creitz on June 24, 2008
UPDATE: Everything below still applies but I have divided my topics of conversation between two blogs. This blog still deals with thinking Christianly about social justice and the environment while my new blog, ChurchETHOS will deal with reforming the habits and culture of the Church. It could be said that both blogs arise out of my relationship with Christ, but this blog will deal more with culture (social justice issues) and creation (environmental issues), and my new blog will deal specifically with the Church. If you appreciate all of my content then please feel free to visit regularly but I will understand if one topic appeals to you more than another. 
Several times, in various posts, I’ve mentioned that in this blog I will be pondering Christ, culture, creation, and the Church. Up to this point, I haven’t really talked about what that means. You might think it’s just a fancy alliteration and now that I’ve alliterated a title, you are going to stop reading my blog, but hang on. These four issues are extremely important. I write about Christ because I revere Him, Culture because there are so many ways that Christ can redeem culture, Creation because there are so many ways that Christ can restore creation, and finally, the Church because they are the people who are commissioned to bring reconciliation to Culture and Creation.

These issues will be the primary topics of conversation on this blog and I hope you will let your opinions be known. Following is a brief summary of each topic and why I chose to highlight that issue here. In future posts I will spend more time thinking through and writing about these issues (and others). 


As a follower of Jesus, I love to talk about Him. These posts will probably have a lot to do with what He is teaching me from His Word and through experiences. Christ is the most notable historical figure of any world religion. He’s probably the most misunderstood figure as well. His universal appeal is something worth talking about whether you are a die-hard fundamentalist Christian or if you are the staunchest atheist. Even if you don’t think of Him rightfully as the Son of God, His teachings and lifestyle are enough food for thought for a lifetime. Hopefully, as you ponder His claims you will begin to understand why He is either a lunatic (delusions of grandeur, “Messiah Complex”, etc.), a liar (knew that He wasn’t the Son of God but made all of His followers believe it anyway), or He is Lord (He really is who He says He is, which actually fits His character and explains the explosion of the church (his followers) in the first few centuries. Many atheists wouldn’t even consider Jesus to be a liar or a lunatic. What else does that leave you?


It seems that more and more people are succumbing to the idea that there is no such thing as sin. Right and Wrong is relative. Truth is not absolute. The further our culture sinks into this amoral mindset, the further it will remove itself from sanity, common sense, and ethical behavior. This blog will attempt to keep the pulse of the surrounding culture, highlighting the good as well as the bad, to show how God is at work and how Satan is attempting to undermine God’s Will. I am not a “gay basher” and neither do I picket abortion clinics. There will be no attempts here to slander or spew hate. My desire to write about our culture is because of my love for God and people. I understand that we are in a mess because of human decisions to reject God. I also have come to realize that God has made a way possible for us to be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ.


It seems that Christians have always had a love / hate relationship with science. I’m no scientist but as a follower of the Creator, He has given us some insights into how He made His world and the role we are to play. Rather than let “creationism” be a laughingstock to the scientific community, I want to write about God’s creation and how we are to be stewards of it. No one should be more responsible when it comes to environmental issues and caring for God’s creation than a Christ follower. I’m not an extreme activist, but I do believe there is a standard by which we should all live. Regardless of how God created the world, we are to exercise godly stewardship and responsible living.


Finally, the Church has been my specific area of study for quite some time. I spent the last four years in Boston experimenting with and studying how to start a church. I will be reflecting on those experiences as well as reflecting on my current seminary studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The Church should be the family of God. Sometimes it is dysfunctional, other times it is full of people who are nurturing and loving. Sometimes it’s relevant, at other times it can be dry and outdated. This blog will be about discovering God’s plan for the Church (big C AND little c) and finding ways to join what God is doing around the world.

House Rules

I find it interesting as I read other blogs by other Christians and also the comments on those blogs, that so many people forsake normal human attributes like respect, tolerance, and hospitality when they enter the virtual world. You may disagree with some of my posts and I encourage you to voice those disagreements, but please do so as if you are looking me in the eye, person to person. I commit to treating my readers with respect and love just like if it were really you sitting down in my living room having a nice chat. Let’s begin a discussion together about Christ, Culture, Creation, and the Church.

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