Spiritual Warfare Part 2

Posted in church planting, discipleship by Nathan Creitz on February 24, 2006

Well, this week Satan has certainly been at work in the life of our church, but God has been victorious every time. I have heard dozens of reports of people in our church sharing their faith this week. Seven BU students decided to go and do surveys in the student center at BU on Monday. They talked to several people in depth about faith and what distinguishes Christianity from the other religions. Others have had conversations with people and sat down with friends to be intentional about their conversations. Still others have told me about some sacrifices they had to make in their schedule or in their comfort levels, etc. just to do what they knew God was asking them to do.

Another great victory that we are seeing happen has to do with discipleship. Disciple-making is our church’s approach to reach the world for Christ and almost all of our leadership team have found someone to disciple and someone to disciple them and some of those relationships have formed in the past few days and weeks. Many of those that are being discipled by our leaders are unbelievers who value the time they can spend with an authentic believer. I don’t know what you might call it: friendship evangelism, lifestyle evangelism, relationship evangelism. I just call it being intentional about the relationships God has brought us and we are seeing it happen.

This week has been extremely productive in every way. Our team prepared for a mission team from New Orleans that just arrived tonight. ESL and an Alpha course are both picking up steam on campus. I have been able to get a lot of things done on my to do list and at the same time have some quality time with a few people that I needed to spend time with.

On the other hand, there have been some major things come up that are obvious attempts by Satan to destroy what God is doing. Satan wants to steal the seed that was emphasized Sunday night when we talked about sacrificing EVERYTHING for the message of Jesus Christ. A couple of people in our church are even going through some things this week that would have been difficult for Job.

Sunday night I developed a head cold because I couldn’t sleep all that night. My concern for our church was heavy and oppressive. I knew the storm would come in light of the gravity of the message and the amazing response from the church to sacrifice all for Jesus. I had trouble sleeping that night but Monday was a really good day (despite the cold that I was developing). Tuesday morning was HORRIBLE. I have never experienced so much frustration and for a couple of hours I was completely defeated and angry at life. Glory to God that He pulled me out of that and helped me to see that the circumstances of the morning were the spiritual forces that wanted to bring me down. They were succeeding too until my Father rescued me from it. The rest of the day was spiritually and logistically very fulfilling and productive.

Finally, I am encouraged by something that I thought was a negative thing at first. I have been traveling a lot and I have another trip this weekend (in 4 hours I head to the airport). However, God is doing a great work in my absence. Our leaders and others in the church are stepping up and taking responsibility for a lot of things while I am gone. Jessica will be leading worship completely on her own other than the instruments this Sunday. Josh is going to serve as my co-leader for the team we will be taking to New Orleans next week and he will be hosting the team meeting this Friday. Trisha, Anne and Dena will be doing most of the hosting of our current mission team (something TJ and I usually do). Others in our church will be spending time with the mission team and will serve alongside them. Others are planning upcoming events and my heart is overwhelmed at the things God is accomplishing through our church.

What a victorious week. I am encouraged. I am challenged. I am overwhelmed by God’s amazing leadership and guidance and His beautiful presence here in Boston. This round fought here in Boston between Satan and God, as always, goes to God Almighty.

Boston (42° 21′ , -71° 7′)

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  1. A.nonymoose said, on February 24, 2006 at 11.07 am

    Have you ever read Scupoli’s “Spiritual Warfare”? Great stuff, might be helpful to you.

  2. A.nonymoose said, on February 24, 2006 at 11.12 am

    Oops – sorry, that should be “Spiritual Combat”.

    Link to Amazon’s Entry for the Spiritual Combat

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