Spiritual Warfare

Posted in church planting, preaching by Nathan Creitz on February 20, 2006

Well, over the next two weeks maybe all of my posts will be catch up posts like my last one. I will be doing a lot of traveling and may not get to update everyone very often. I will be in a wedding this weekend and my church is hosting a mission team at the same time so I am making sure everything is ready for that to happen while I am gone. I think me being gone so much is actually doing some great things for our church. There is so much that is happening without me having to be around. So many people are stepping up and getting things done. It’s been incredible to watch all of these college students take on more responsibility than most deacons I have known.

Over the next couple of days I will try to write down some thoughts about what I’m learning as I plant a church in Boston. Actually, I wanted to relay some of the stuff that happened tonight at church. TJ and I have felt incredibly burdened that about half of our church really needs to get to the next level in their faith. We have been preaching through 1 Thessalonians and tonight’s message was from chapter 2 verses 8-16. The title of my message was “Sacrificing Everything for the Message of Christ”. Paul said, “We were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives.” The text revealed that sharing the message of Christ demands sacrifice, requires integrity, needs accountability, motivates others to share, and invites rejection.

This was an incredibly difficult message, and I knew that spiritual forces were rallying against me as I spoke. There were about five distractions during the first 10 minutes and after the last distraction I told everyone how important I felt this message was and that I fully believed that Satan was trying his best to distract us from this message. And so we paused and I prayed that God would be victorious in that place. Even as I prayed, God gave me a peace and I believe He helped us to focus on the message. There wasn’t a single distraction after that. Praise God for circumventing the attacks of the devil.

This was a powerful message…for me! It brought a realization to my own life that I don’t have as much urgency in sharing my faith that I need to have. Yet, God was reconciling the world to Himself through Christ and He has given us the ministry of reconciliation. Sure, I get opportunities to talk about my faith, but when was the last time I really sacrificed something to do it? How often do we keep a tight reign on our schedules, our rights, our agendas, our money, our resources, our time? We are so inflexible that we are missing opportunities everyday to reveal the goodness of God.

It also was a tangible awareness of God’s presence with us tonight. Phones were ringing, the water fountain had to be unplugged because it was distracting, and there were other minor distractions. After we requested God’s authority over the room there was perfect peace. Undeniably, He brought everything back in to focus so that we could learn from His Word. It was powerful!

Please pray for our church every chance you get this week. I told them that if they accepted the challenge to follow Christ and to be more intentional about sharing their faith, they were going to experience persecution, rejection, and even spiritual attack but that the Lord is with them. Please be praying for all of us that we will be bold, that we will rise to the challenge to share our faith, and that we will resist the temptation to give up when those attacks start happening.

Boston (42° 21′ , -71° 7′)


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  1. Mathias said, on February 22, 2006 at 8.00 am

    Amen, God truly is victorious. He is our King that has already won every victory in every battle.

    I pray for your church, and for you, Nathan. I admire the way you handled the situation of your message and that you relied on God alone for peace. God bless you!

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