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Posted in uncategorized by Nathan Creitz on February 13, 2006

So it’s been eight days since I last posted. That’s more than a week in blog years! I thought I would catch everyone up to speed on what has been going on here in Boston. I haven’t posted in a while because for a few days I was either traveling or recovering from my trip. Then there was the weekend and that was kind of uneventful because I was still just taking it easy after my mad dash around the world and back. Anyway, without further ado, here is a summary of what’s been going on.

Tuesday the 7th, I returned from Tokyo. I forced myself to stay up for the entire flight (except a couple of short naps) so that I could sleep that night and get up the next day on my regular schedule, totally recovered from jet lag. I was up for 38 hours straight.

Wednesday the 8th, I woke up at 2PM. My plan to overcome jet lag was ruined. TJ told me that my alarm clock was going off for about 3 hours, but I never heard it. I guess I needed the sleep. That evening I went to my Community Group (they met the first week without me) and we had a great discussion on Psalm 2 and it was GREAT to be back with my church. I missed them while I was gone. I went to sleep at 5AM.

Thursday the 9th, I woke up 2 and a half hours after I fell asleep (7:30AM) because I had a meeting at the Baptist Convention of New England. I had to talk about my church, my ministry, and my vision for four hours straight with a panel of church planting strategists. That’s hard to do after less than 3 hours of sleep.

Friday the 10th, I slept in again because my original plan to knock out jet lag in one day hadn’t been implemented properly. I did absolutely nothing, which was probably what I needed to do. That evening several people from my church came over and we laughed at…I mean, we watched the opening ceremonies of the olympics. Seriously, the throbbing heart thing was creepy.

Saturday the 11th, Kim and Cristina and I finally found the movie theater in Somerville. We watched the End of the Spear and I frantically fought back the tears. Kim was sitting beside me, but I don’t think she noticed the shaking.

Sunday the 12th, we cancelled church because of the blizzard…and I was very sad. After all, I had already missed the previous Sunday because I was in Tokyo. Oh well, I’m praying for no blizzards next weekend.

Monday the 13th, I got up with no clue what I would wear because I still hadn’t done laundry since before my trip to Miami and Tokyo. So, I put on some dirty clothes and headed to the laundromat. I sent some emails, I organized my calendar for the week, I set up some meetings with students for the week, I met with a student to help generate an evangelistic survey that some BU students will be doing next week, I shovelled out the Hyundai, I played some snooker at and now I am writing this blog.

Now, normally I don’t give you a play by play of my week, but I just wanted to bring you up to date with what’s going on in Boston so that I can get back to writing about church planting or discipleship or apologetics or whatever else I usually write about. Don’t worry, I’m not going to fall in to the trap of frequently sharing the mundane details of my life with you. I really want this blog to be mostly about what I am learning and experiencing as I seek to be a follower of Christ and as a church planter in Boston. If this is the first post you have ever read of mine, let me encourage you to follow some of the links on my sidebar to a more representative sample of what goes on here. This is meant to be interactive, so please explore and comment and leave prayer requests and introduce yourself and whatever else you want to do.

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  1. John C said, on February 14, 2006 at 4.29 pm

    Actually, I enjoy reading the mundane details of your life. Oh, but then I AM your father.

  2. joe kennedy said, on February 14, 2006 at 7.55 pm

    Hey I’m just glad to hear about stuff going on around Boston and wherever you are. Man what I’d love to have is one blog that just lets people know what God is doing all over the world.

    One day I’ll find it. Or I’ll make it.

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