Buddhism is of the Devil

Posted in christian thought, theology by Nathan Creitz on February 5, 2006

IMG_2080Yesterday our coordinating team for the Tokyo project went to the main Buddhist temple in Tokyo called Osaksa. The first thing we saw was an entrance to a very long courtyard. Two devils on either side of the entrance “protect” the path to “heaven”. In the middle of the entrance hangs a large lantern that supposedly lights the path to heaven. Much of Buddhism has to do with finding the inner light or peace.

Once we went through the entrance, we walked down this long path that had markets on either side. It reminded me of the courtyard of the gentiles where Jesus overthrew the moneychangers. Thousands of people were shopping, but hundreds more were engaging in rituals to purify themselves before entering the temple. You could see some rubbing a copper buddha for health. One lady would rub the knees of the buddha and then rub her own knees. Then she would rub the buddha head and then her own. Others were lighting incense and waving the smoke all over themselves. Not much of a pleasing aroma was coming from that area. The incense was to purify the outer body. Then they could be seen purifying themselves internally by drinking from a certain well.

As we approached the actual temple, there was the sound of money hitting metal and when we went in the first thing we saw was a large altar and people throwing money into the altar, sometimes over the heads of the people in front since there was a mob of people surrounding the altar at places five or six people deep.

IMG_2064All of this was spiritually disturbing but what really broke my heart for the people of Japan was when our missionary pointed out the altars on either side of the money altar. There were two cabinets enclosed by glass that had doors on the front. Inside could be seen dozens of prongs that held candles. Some had candles on them and then there were about 20 to 25 candles that were lit in each cabinet. We were told that when anyone had an abortion they came to the temple to light a candle. The fact that so many candles were actually lit signified how many people had come by even in the last hour or so to light a candle for the baby they had just aborted. I saw one mom helping her two children light candles, maybe for her or maybe for a family member.

In my experience going in to Hindu temples, Buddhist temples and etc. I have realized that Christians must be intolerant of untruth. Buddhism and Shintoism and all other religions that don’t teach that Jesus is THE only way are lies from Satan. I understand that sounds close-minded and intolerant, but once you know the truth, there is no other choice. There are too many people around the world that are going to hell because we are trying to be sensitive. My heart has been broken again for the lost and my desire is to share the hope that we actually have in Christ.

I like what Billy Graham says, “If we weren’t narrow in chemistry they’d be blowing the place up. We have to be narrow. We are narrow when we are flying a plane. I’m glad that pilots are not too broad-minded and just come in any way they want to.” We need to approach our lost world with grace and love, but the fact remains that we do need to approach them. We don’t have the luxury of being overly sensitive and shut our mouths because we don’t want to offend anyone. The gospel is offensive and if we are to be ambassador’s for Christ we need to be a little more aggressive in our faith.


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  1. Jacob said, on February 5, 2006 at 1.22 am

    After reading your post here, I have many questions for you and would very much enjoy chatting with you sometime.
    You can email me :

    Maybe we could setup a chat.
    I have been studying buddhism for about a year now and would like to hear more about your opinion of it.


  2. Mike DeVries said, on February 5, 2006 at 2.19 am

    I’m interested in finding out a little more about what you mean when you use the term “intolerant”. What does that mean to you? How is that lived out?

    Also, I think we need to be careful in calling something “from Satan”. For instance, Judaism does not see Jesus in the same light that we do as his followers. They “don’t teach that Jesus is THE only way.” Does that mean that Judaism is of Satan?

    Just a thought.

  3. nathan said, on February 5, 2006 at 7.15 am


    Thanks for the questions. Maybe “from Satan” could be “used by Satan”. I certainly think that all religions are a reflection of truth. The fact that religions are our attempt to find God reveals that many believe there is a God. That is only a partial truth. A lie can contain a partial truth, but THE Truth cannot contain a lie. When Buddhism teaches that the path to heaven is guarded by demons, the truth of it is that there is a heaven, the lie is that it is guarded by demons. All that to say, Satan uses truth and he uses lies and weaves them together to manipulate people into worshipping a lie, not Jesus who claims to be THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life.

    So the answer to the Judaism question is comes by simply clarifying that Satan can use Judaism to keep people from seeing Jesus clearly as the true Messiah that He is. I’m leaving the title as is, to show that I sometimes don’t write as clearly as I would like, but hopefully your question and my comment clears things up that I believe Satan will use anything he can to keep people from seeing the whole truth.

    Jacob, I will email you soon. Keep reading my friend.

  4. joe kennedy said, on February 5, 2006 at 11.05 pm

    Nathan, I’ve got some friends who spent some serious time in a very secure Buddhist stronghold in Asia. The stories of demonic activity (certain statues and icons being passed down throughout the centuries, as well as visions and such), as well as some of the rituals that occured- those certainly suggested a very large Satanic presence. Christianity isn’t the only thing watered down in Western Culture. We miss out on a lot of the evil aspects of Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. I know that’s a very non-PC way to say it, but it’s truth.

    I wouldn’t say that we should be intolerant, but I would say that we need to be aware of what we’re dealing with. And I think we shouldn’t accept it as truth. Tolerance and accpetance are different things, in my opinion.

    Hope you’re having fun in Tokyo. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Peace bro.

  5. brianmetz said, on February 9, 2006 at 10.21 pm

    Hey Nathan,
    I agree with you. This is going to paint me as intolerant but, other religions are demonic in origin. Even if they pre-date Christ. Modern Judaism that does not embrace the Messiah Jesus is a dark religion. And it’s adherants are blinded by the prince of the air. I rejoice with you that you have a burden to reflect the light of the truth of God in Christ Jesus. You sound biblical – keep up the good fight.

  6. Mathias said, on February 10, 2006 at 2.48 am

    Hey, long time since I’ve read your blog, and it warms my heart to read your blogpost from the Tokyo temple.
    I also believe that every religion contains a seed of truth, and that the religious activity of the world is the product of people’s search for the True Lord, Jesus. And I liked your clarification on how the devil can use and does indeed use even some bits of truth and mix it with untruth to blinden people and bind them in pursuit of a lie instead of the liberating truth of the Gospel.

    Jesus really is the only one that can set us free and give us truth – thanks for reminding us of what we have in Jesus!

  7. nathan said, on February 10, 2006 at 5.08 pm

    Thanks Joe, Brian and Mathias. I’m about to write a follow up to my trip so check back soon.

    By the way, normally I am not so offensive to other people’s faith. However, after seeing the horrors of that temple and hearing about the loneliness of the Japanese people and the isolation, I couldn’t soften my post and even the title, I felt, needed to stay the same. I don’t apologize if my title or post was offensive. I just hope any readers will understand that I believe what I wrote and that I want to tell people of the dangers of other religions because of the love I have for people. Certainly, Buddhism is a slap in the face of God who has already offered us the only path to heaven that we need.

  8. glasstears said, on March 21, 2006 at 2.27 pm

    You cannot possibly understand the context of the buddhist people, so as a “man of God” you should be able to rise above human culture and sense the love and spirituality. Jesus didn’t only accept the people who were in his club. He taught to everyone and spread love and kindness. He would hang his head in shame if he saw how his followers treated others of a different creed.
    Buddhism has been around for longer than Christianity. Read a text book or something. Buddhism being a slap in the face ? Can you possibly believe there is only one path to enlightenment? God is one with EVERYONE ! We all much find out own paths ! there is no danger in buddhism , they are peaceful people. It is the western world with their intolerable religion that has left a wake of bloodshead behind them. Christianity is no longer the word of jesus, it has become an institution of power.
    As for the “unpleasant smell”, all Americans think anything that doesn’t smell like Tide and Old Spice is “unpleasant”. As for me… I am an American, who sees the beauty in humanity. I am a deeply spiritual human that accepts the word of Jesus and sees the beauty in the word of all prophets. It is YOU who is a danger for humanity. Your spirituality is laughable.

  9. Prof said, on March 21, 2006 at 3.26 pm

    Can we please let people live their own lives? You christians.. in your infinate wisdom.. are trying to turn people away from their religion. How would you feel if hindus came here and went “Oh.. you believe in christianity? You know you are wrong?”

    Its called respect for other peoples beliefs. How many more wars do we have to get into because We as americans continue pushing our belief structure onto other countries.

    People should believe whatever they want.. and not be judged. Its really just a giant cult anyways… Christianity that is. Considering the definition of a cult is this

    1. A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.
    2. The followers of such a religion or sect.
    2. A system or community of religious worship and ritual.
    3. The formal means of expressing religious reverence; religious ceremony and ritual.
    4. A usually nonscientific method or regimen claimed by its originator to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease.
    1. Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing.
    2. The object of such devotion.
    6. An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest.

    hmm.. I think you guys match most of those.

    I would imagine the devil would be more interested in pushing his beliefs on other people.. rather than being like god and being understanding and accepting in his infinate love.

  10. nathan said, on March 22, 2006 at 1.29 pm

    glasstears and prof:

    Prof, you said, “How would you feel if hindus came here and went ‘ believe in Christianity? You know you are wrong?'” That’s actually what most people say about Christianity. Forgive me, but isn’t that what you are doing in your comment? Both of you wrote about tolerance, but somehow you end up being more intolerant of my beliefs than I am of yours. I never said that you are not FREE to believe whatever you will, but as I have encountered what I believe to be Truth, I desire to share it with others.

    My faith compels me to share with you what I have experienced because the teachings of Christ and other religions are mutually exclusive. You can accept that or reject it. That is what tolerance is meant to be. GK Chesterton said that tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions. In other words, it’s only those who have no solid convictions that are annoyed at the people who do. You can equate me with a cult, you can say that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, you can say that God doesn’t exist, but you saying it doesn’t make it true. God’s existence and Christianity’s relevance is true independent from you insults and disbelief in it.

    My spirituality might be laughable to you because I don’t believe what you believe. If that’s the case, I don’t mind you laughing at me. However, I hope you will open your mind to the Truth of God’s Word and stop simply talking about open-mindedness.

  11. glasstears said, on March 22, 2006 at 3.04 pm

    my friend Nathan, other religions accept others. By you not accepting others beliefs and looking down upon them you are ignoring the humanity that spirituality should should. I never said God did not exist. You immediately took me for an atheist because i did not believe exactly what you do. I also never said Christianity was wrong. I just choose to believe that there are many paths. You are stuck in a pidgeon hole that is so tiny you cannot see out of it. Open your mind. Pray… truly pray to God and beyone.

  12. Prof said, on March 22, 2006 at 3.52 pm

    I am more than tolerant with Christianity and other religions. Untill their beliefs is pushed onto me as the “correct” religion. I am free to choose my own beliefs.. in Christianity.. it is how god made us. Free will. I never once said that Jesus is not the son of God. I also never said it didint exist. To be quite honest with you.. I just hope for anything after this. God, Buddha, Allah.. whoever. I never once said you are wrong and I will ask of you to read my full post before commenting on my beliefs.

    If I really wanted.. I could pick out loopholes in the bible and the faith itself. However.. I choose not to do that because I appreciate that you have faith in something.

    I however dont have faith in the same things.. and a good amount of the rest of the planet doesnt either.

    Think again of your reaction.. or even Christians reactions.. if a group of people came to the USA and told us that “Allah is the true path to enlightenment, and God is a false prophet” Because it is exactly what the entire Christian Religion has been doing to them. Why not turn on the news and see how far this has gone.

  13. purplestar said, on March 27, 2006 at 8.16 pm

    I think there is a difference between sharing your beliefs/experiences and making what you admitted to be intolerant and offensive comments. Even though this is your personal blog page and you are free to post anything you want, it is open to the public and you invited negative feedback from people who might read your comments and actually become offended. It is not fair for you to turn around and accuse them of “being more intolerant of [your] beliefs that [you are] of [theirs].” Wasn’t it Jesus that taught us to do unto others? To put it another way, which may sound juvenille, you started it. You can’t insult major world religions and not expect a passionate reaction and similar attacks on Christianity.

    I’ve read through some of your other postings and you have written about wanting to get away from the negative connotations often associated with Christianity, and just be able to believe in Jesus and follow his teachings without it being a bad thing. I was impressed by that but when you make the comments in this buddhist posting, you succeeded in adding to that negative image of christianity. Most religions come from something good but have come to conatin bad features, and it’s fine to point out negative aspects of other religions but realize this also applies to yours. When I read your experience in the buddhist temple I was disturbed and saddened as well by some of the things you described, like the people throwing money at the altar. However, I feel the same way about a collection plate being passed around. How is this different?

    It would be more appropriate for you to describe other religions as different instead of bad (aka “dangers” or “lies form Satan” – that just sounds fanatical). I find it disturbing that your are such an advocate for religious intolerance, and I see you also included a quote from Chesterton to back up your viewpoint. I’m thinking that using that logic it also makes sense that racism is okay because racists are just sticking to their convictions. I do not agree that tolerance is a product of abandoned or non-existant convictions. That equates tolerance with ignorance which does not make sense to me. When it comes to religion we need to accept the convictions of others as the truth for them, although our own truth may be entirely different. You find your spirituality in Jesus, others feel that same deep spiritual feeling in something else. You don’t have the right to call yours absolute truth and theirs false. It is one thing to have a discussion about differences in opinion/belief/conviction or whatever you want to call it, and quite another to blatently insult each other. As we hear all the time, it is intolerance that leads to anger, hate and violence, and I think you would agree that is not what Jesus was all about.

  14. zo said, on May 29, 2006 at 5.59 pm

    Buddhism is of the devil? Oh, really deeply thought out. Not.

    It’s people like you that give Christianity a bad name. Have you never read history?

    Silly question.

  15. Anonymous said, on March 18, 2007 at 2.34 am

    this kind of christianity is pretty much why I’m buddhist now if truth is too hard to contemplate then faith is easier for your mind I guess

  16. Buddhist Jihad said, on June 20, 2007 at 10.20 pm

    Some would say that Jesus would think your perversion of His teachings Satanic.

    I think you’ve spent too much time on the Old Testament, and not enough time attending to and following the actual words of Jesus.

    But — hey, it’s your karma.

  17. The Church at the Gate said, on June 20, 2007 at 11.59 pm

    Hello Buddhist Jihad,

    Thank you for the link to my site. I appreciate the traffic and I hope many of your friends will find truth here on this site. I take it from your two posts that you don’t believe truth can be known. For example, here you say that “some would say…” but the Truth is found in what Jesus said, not in what some would say Jesus said.

    Then you say, “I think” based on one post on a very impersonal blog that chronicles my own thoughts and journey. You couldn’t possibly know me from this one post could you? However, I will try and give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you “attend to and follow the actual words of Jesus” much more than I do.

    Finally, you say, “But — hey, it’s your karma.” I’m not sure what you mean by karma, but if you believe what Buddha taught about karma then you would believe that whether my intention of writing this blog was for evil then I would reap evil, but if it was a good intention then I would reap good. Since I can’t transfer my karma to you, what does it matter what I think or write? If I had evil intent then I would have bad karma. If you really believed in Buddhism, you wouldn’t have even written anything here. The fact that you wrote, “but — hey, it’s your karma” after your obvious distate for my beliefs negates your own religion. If you can’t believe in what you believe in what will you believe in? May I submit Jesus for your consideration?

  18. Buddhaguhya said, on June 22, 2007 at 1.27 pm

    Christian sectarians you are counting your last days in Asia! Yankee go home allready! :}}
    People from allover the world will accept logic and reason of buddhadharma study it and help to give it back to poore asian people blinded by evangelical propaganda ang your Dollar God.

  19. Buddhaguhya said, on June 22, 2007 at 1.32 pm

    Christian sectarian lunatics please try to obtain proffesional help in your own countrys and stop trying to solve your personal disturbance by preaching your confusion to naive and benevolent people allower the world.
    I will pray for you that your hearst are pured from ignorance and selfrighteusnes and also that you are deported from wherever you are trying to establish your sectarian ourposts or missions as you call it! :}} Cheers!

  20. Vajrapani said, on June 23, 2007 at 6.10 am

    If buddhism is satanic what are religions wich are opsessed with gay’s, abortions, condoms etc… If you base your religion on enlightment of mind and generating compassion you are satan’s servant according to you, and if you base your spirituality on hate, destruction and prejudice as you do then you are follower od Jesus?! You have nothing to do with historical Jesus Christ who was true great man and bodhhisattva. You evangelical sectarians only use his name for your mafia buissnes purposes to benefit your imperialist agenda to bring every human being under one true God- god of America- ALLMIGHTY OMNIPOTENT DOLLAR.
    Long live spirituality, freedom of human mind and enligtment and death to ignorance and lies!
    Have a nice day.

  21. Anonymous said, on June 28, 2007 at 7.11 am

    I once chatted with a man on the Internet, and he said he was a “Buddhist”.

    He told me that I had NO RIGHT to say that”Prostitution, Sluts, Whores, Lust,Porn,Killing,People who are mean and nasty, Stealing, and BEASTALITY” are BAD.

    He told me that as LONG as the people who do that are “HAPPY”, and get “excited” from it, that, WE CANNOT SAY WHAT THEY DO IS BAD.

    The human body should have WHAT MAKES IT HAPPY. REAGARDLESS OF WHATEVER IT IS. We have NO RIGHT to say it is WRONG.

    I told him that I wish to save myself for my HUSBAND when I grow up and become a woman. I told him that I RESPECT my body and that I will NOT open my legs to MEN THAT I DO NOT KNOW.

    Do you know what he told me?

    He said that even though I am going to save myself, that it is POINTLESS. And, that it DOES NOT MAKE ME A GOOD or BETTER PERSON.

    He said that Sluts are RESPECTING themselves by “giving in” and being “easy”. He talks about how Lust is GOOD and NATURAL and that “making love” is just people trying to give sex more meaning.

    He told me slut is a horrible name to call women who…”express themselves freely” as he put it.

    HE said that just because you are nice and you wish to save yourself for the one you love, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GOOD OR BETTER PERSON.

    He says that I am no better than a slut. He says that I am no better than a woman who opened her legs for HUNDREDS of men.

    He says that he is a Buddhist.

    In the religion of God, God tells us that “Prostitution, Sluts, Whores, Lust,Porn,Killing,People who are mean and nasty, Stealing, and BEASTALITY are all BAD.

    But, according to that guy I chatted with, he says that We CANNOT say that ALL of that is BAD.

    He says that is his religion. He is a BUDDHIST.

    Is THAT what you believe?

    I thought you people were saying it is “peacful”.

    I choose to believe in god and Jesus, BECAUSE OF THAT.

  22. for Anonymous said, on July 1, 2007 at 5.24 am

    That guy was offcourse NOT a buddhist probably just another evangelical agent posing as buddhist on the internet to discredit buddhadharma.
    You know the way it goes- when you have no identity of your own you just attacking everyone’s else identitiy and religion.
    Btw. If you need God to tell you that all the nasty stuff is nasty what happens if tomorrow God decides to change his mind and all the good stuff are now bad and porn , killing, lust and bestiality are now good!? Will you accept that because God said that? And in what way do you comunicate with God, does he speaks to you in dreams, what? You may find it hard to belive but buddhists have very strong mind about what is good and constructive and what’s bad and harming! And we didn’t here it or read it it’s simply in our human mind as it is in yours.

  23. Buddhaguhya said, on July 15, 2007 at 3.34 am

    I see now that real reason why you think buddhism is “of the devil” is because buddhism leads to freedom and enlightment and your belife system leads to as you said yourself “to slavery”.

  24. Anonymous said, on August 2, 2007 at 10.52 pm

    Yeah. You’re full of shit. I am totally with the Anonymous above Buddhaguhya{And that person as well}. Everything I was going to say was practically in that comment.

  25. Anonymous said, on November 4, 2007 at 6.36 pm

    There is much intolerance shown in this ‘report’ and all it reveals is another threatened ego. That is all. People with belief systems and especially ones of a theistic nature always feel vulnerable because all they have is belief and those beliefs are fragile because doubt is never far behind. They have ideas of the nature of things but what they do not have 99% of the time is actual experience or direct perception of truth. Any beliefs (as creations of the mind) are self limiting and ultimately misleading because they will be fundamentally wrong. No matter how much or how little someone describes God or the Tao or the Dharma or even the state of Enlightenment – it is going to be fundamentally wrong because whatever way in which it is decribed it will be limited to that description. ‘The Tao that cannot be named is the real Tao’ as the old expression goes. More likely what happens is a person clings and grasps at ideas and beliefs and they just become an extension of ego – they become a part of someones so called identity and then they feel threatened when something of the contrary presents itself. An ego is nothing more than a punch bag offered up unconsciously by the person to be compared to other non truths and so by learned response a person feels threatened and must defend their ego. Whether it is ego or beliefs they are one and the same and both are limiting and shows that one has not matured spiritually. It is impossible to ruffle the feathers of an enlightened person who does not cling to beliefs or has an ego because there is nothing to ruffle! All theistic religions talk about going to Heaven in the next life as some sort of reward and so does Buddhism to some extent. But what kind of reward is this? Heaven is nothing more than the hope of fulfiling desires that cannot be fulfilled on Earth and -heres the spoiler – desires by their very nature are utterly unfulfilable. They are creations of mind that waste peoples energy and keep them unconscious by sheer habit. A life characterised by hope of going to Heaven and trying to ultimately fulfil desires that can never be fulfilled even in Heaven is a wasted life. Hope is a waste of time because it is living in an imaginary future and again a creation of mind. Better to live in the present with increasing awareness – then one is freed from desire and is more in accord with the way.

    “I have realized that Christians must be intolerant of untruth”. How can your truth be the same truth for everyone else? This is a classic example of egoism. An ego threatened by the very presence of other beliefs that it will begin to try an impose itself on everything around it. Ego’s/beliefs are frqile and have a will of their own or at least they appear to. What really happens is people are unaware of their ego matrix and go through life in a robot-like unconscious fashion spouting drible about truth and the need to be intolerent. Belief systems are the very essence of unawareness. Christianity as a beilief system is just a doctrine and not a personal experience of things as they really are. In fact the very word ‘Christ’ describes a state of consciousness as to does the word ‘Buddha’ – it means to be awakened to truth. Still the mind and let go of beliefs and increase awareness and all hate, intolerence, prejudice will dissapear and truth will then enter in. Any idea, ego or belief system is ultimately against God or the Tao because it is not God or the Tao. All prayer is against God as well. Prayer is insanity – people say they pray in order to know God but then if you do not know God how can you pray to him? If you did know God then there would be no need to pray to him and you would accept everything that happens because it would be Gods will. People pray out of desire for things to change, they are unhappy with the PRESENT situation in some way so the desire it to be different and ultimately causes unhappiness and tension. This is the fundamental flaw of all belief sustems and religion in the world – they just beliefs and nothing more. The Christ had a personal experience of truth, not a doctrine of Christianity. Moreover belief systems are nothing more than societal restrictions placed on individuals – beliefs never set people free. In fact Jesus must have been influenced by teachings from the Buddha when one day a disciple asked Jesus “Have you brought a message of peace”? To which Jesus replied “No i have not brought a message of peace, i bring only a sword”. Surely Jesus doesnt mean a sword with which to kill people?!? Christians have been keen to avoid this story because they do not understand it. When Jesus refers to sword he refers a to sword with which a person can cut the roots of the mind and the ego and ultimately beliefs, so that then they can experience reality. Anyone who gives a belief system is your enemy, they are not literally your enemy but they are doing you no favours.

    Awareness is key and the true teacher only seeks to make his students more aware and nothing more. Then there is true fulfilment and holiness (to be whole).

  26. pegwole said, on November 17, 2007 at 8.28 pm

    I have but one thing to say for all of this silly arguing, remember the golden rule, treat others as you would have them treat you.

  27. said, on December 27, 2007 at 5.24 am

    well, well my friend.Please check out the REAL STUFFSthat’s Buddhism before making a fool out of yourself.You’r thumping on something which you don’t even know!

    That temple sounds like a Shinto temple.A TRUE BUDDHIST temple will hv none of those rituals.

    Afterall,Mr Gautama had the duty to tell us the way to be free from suffering, going towards Nibbana.So,that being the case, he told all those who are interested to purify their hearts, meditate, look within.

    That’s Buddhism! What has all those rituals to do with peace huh?

    Just have a chat with Thich Nhat Hanh,you’ll get a very clear picture of Buddhism.


  28. Anonymous said, on March 9, 2008 at 10.04 am

    From a Buddhist perspective, Christianity is a waste of time. Buddhism properly done(eventually) leads to a life of unblemished morality, pure loving-compassion and selfless motivations. And respect for other people, be they Buddhists or not. If you had experienced Buddhism I doubt very much whether you would be calling it Satanic.
    a devil-worshipper

    • Jeremy Hoover said, on June 18, 2009 at 8.28 am


      I laughed when I read “Christianity is a waste of time.” I’m sorry we Christians present it to you as such. And I can see why you’d say this.

      From my perspective, true Christianity–which is a spirituality based in and around Jesus–is exactly what you claim for Buddhism–morality, pure loving-compassion, and selfless motivations.

      It’s corruption, greed, and seflishness, all done in the name of Christianity that wrecks its image. But Jesus represents all those things that you pointed to in Buddhism.

      I encourage you to give Jesus, not necessarily the/a church, a second look.

  29. Edgar said, on June 18, 2009 at 11.13 am


    great story. Christianity is not a waste of time. Jesus is the only way…

    We also need to stop pointing to ourselves or other ‘great’ christians of the past. Forget St. Paul, or Augustine, or Lewis or the Pope ,, it’s all about Jesus.

    If we point people to Jesus, they won’t be disapopinted.

    Don’t be like me, or my neighbor – be like Jesus.

    Don’t go to my church because of X,,, go to my church because Jesus is there…

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