Famous God

Posted in theology by Nathan Creitz on February 1, 2006

Michael Jackson is famous, but he’s dead. Johnny Damon is famous, but he’s hated by many (at least here in Boston). A lot of people love Kelly Clarkson because she’s famous, but how many people really know her?

I pray for the fame of God to be made known to the people of Boston and that His renown would spread around the world, but I think that is a limited prayer. God is already “famous” when it comes to people having heard about Him. Some think God is famous but that He is dead. Others hate God and are angry at Him for one reason or another. Still others love Him, but don’t necessarily know Him.

Most people in the world believe in a God, but don’t have a personal relationship with Him. My prayer is that God would be more than famous in people’s lives. I want to share my God with as many people as possible. You can know Him and know Him personally. He can be more than famous in your life. He can be your friend. I am praying for more than God’s renown. I want to pray for God to be known.

Miami (25° 45′ , -80° 12′)


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