Globe Trotting

Posted in uncategorized by Nathan Creitz on January 31, 2006

I have been in Miami since Monday meeting with coordinators and missionaries responsible for International World Changers projects around the world. I have been involved with IWC for three years now and just wanted to take this opportunity to write a brief note about what I do with IWC.

I am the Ministry Coordinator for a Tokyo missions project this summer, which means I will work with the “Field Representative” (or missionary) to organize strategic evangelistic opportunities in Tokyo. I will be responsible for training the 100+ participants in their ministry activities.

Tokyo will be my fourth IWC project after Delhi, India and two projects in Ecuador. After our meetings in Miami, I will travel with Rob Cain (the Project Coordinator for all of the trips I have taken with IWC) to Tokyo to help organize logistics. It’s an exhausting eight days total, but the long term rewards are worth it.

There are several reasons that I am involved with these projects. I have discovered things about what God is doing in our world that I would never have known had I not been involved personally in six international projects with two to come this summer. My eyes have been opened to the great hunger that the nations have for the gospel.

However, more than just what I have gained, it almost goes without saying that I do international projects for the people I encounter. I go to share the love of Christ with the nations. I have personally led dozens to Christ internationally and have seen hundreds received Christ as a result of projects I have been a part of.

It’s amazing to see people come to Christ, but the ultimate reason I do missions is so that I can provide opportunities for college students in my church and in my city to be exposed to some of the same things I have seen. It’s one thing to see someone come to know Christ, it’s quite another to see one Christian become an impassioned follower of Christ that spends the rest of their lives on fire for Him. I can’t follow up with the dozens of people I have led to Christ internationally, but I can walk with someone as they discover God’s heart for the nations. My desire is to help as many people go on an international project that I can because I know how it changes our lives.

It’s hard to lose focus on how rewarding these trips are when I am having to go to meetings in Miami and then in Tokyo, but I know that when this project happens in July, lives will be changed forever. I can’t express through this blog how grateful I am to God for the opportunities He has given me to serve Him in this way.

Miami (25° 45′ , -80° 12′)


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