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Posted in church planting by Nathan Creitz on January 29, 2006

I’ve always been taught that the mark of a successful youth ministry is a teenager who continues to follow Christ faithfully when he or she leaves for college. I did youth ministry for 3+ years and I know the difficulties that youth ministers face. Tonight I went to the YEC for New England teenagers. It’s a conference of about 700 teenagers and they feature a speaker and a band and games, etc. It reminded me of how grateful I am to be working with college students.

I went because I want to take a more active role in supporting our youth programs throughout the area. I went to make an appearance at the major youth event because I want to begin developing partnerships with youth leaders in New England.

About a year ago, I was prayer walking at Emmanuel College and I was asking God to bring one student (a “person-of-peace”) to our attention that we could connect with at Emmanuel College. Otherwise, we have no reason to be on campus. There is nothing we can do to reach out to Emmanueal College students. Then the idea hit me that there are probably hundreds of New England students going to Boston area universities that grew up in the church or went to a youth ministry. If we could identify those students and get them plugged in to the church planting movement here in Boston, we would already have some people that could invest in their campus.

It’s not a complicated idea, but it seems like a lot of good would come from discovering teenagers that have a background in the church and could help bring the gospel to campuses in Boston. Through partnerships with New England youth pastors, we can communicate with these students even before they come to college.

It’s sad, but sometimes even the best from the youth group ends up falling away when they get to college. I want to help keep those students committed and connected to the body of Christ while they are in college, plus, they can help our churches get a foothold on some of these campuses where there is no evangelical presence.

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  1. Kiki Cherry said, on February 15, 2006 at 10.27 pm


    We’ve had that same prayer for Pittsburgh. And we included it on our prayerwalking guide for teams that came to visit.

    Here’s the cool part: we’ve been seeing God answer those prayers. Last year I got an email from this kid named Pamela in Virginia.

    She was praying about what campus God wanted her to serve on, because she wanted to go to some place where she could be a light.

    She had offers to MIT, Carnegie Mellon and several other presitigious schools. So she asked God to show her clearly which one she was to attend.

    She ended up getting a full scholarship to CMU. Then she immediately contacted us and said, “I want to plug into campus ministry and I want to serve.”

    She has been a gem!!! This is now her Sophomore year, and she’s a prayer warrior and amazing evangelist. She led her roommate to the Lord. At Thanksgiving she brought half her dorm to our fellowship.

    She is now leading the Freshman small group, which is growing so fast that we are considering splitting it into three groups.

    You are on to something. We’re praying for more high school students to catch a vision for the impact they can make in college.

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