Discipleship Conference

Posted in church planting, discipleship by Nathan Creitz on January 14, 2006

You are probably wondering, What did you do this weekend? I am glad you were so thoughtful to ask. My reply? Well, it’s not over yet. However, it has already been an intense weekend. We had our typical Friday staff meeting, but this was the weekend of the month where we have our monthly CCPC training. As a Collegiate Church Planting Community here in Boston, we get together and spend time in training that is focused on practical church planting. In the past, we have gone through intense training on the following topics: Philosophy of Church Planting, and, Leading in the Context of a Team. This weekend we talked about Nurturing a Discipling Community. Lewie Clark and our very own Amy Taylor spent time sharing with us their experiences and ideas about discipleship.

I will share just one nugget of wisdom that I took away from the experience. I really enjoyed how Lewie brought out the pattern of discipleship in Jesus’ life. He is the Supreme Discipler and we should follow His lead. In fact, central to the four gospels is the role Jesus and the Twelve played. Lewie’s statement was that no other topic in Scripture has four different angles. Of course, even more central to the discipleship relationships and the community that was developed between Jesus and His close circle and the larger body of disciples is simply Jesus Himself. Jesus is at the very center, but if you pan out a little bit (like a google map search or something), you will discover how Jesus interacted with people. When Jesus evangelized, He had disciples with Him. When Jesus ate meals, He was with the lost, but He also had disciples with Him. When Jesus taught, He mostly pored in to the lives of the disciples, though people on the periphery were exhorted as well. When Jesus prayed, He had disciples with Him (though He spent time alone with God as well). When Jesus spent time agonizing in the garden, He brought His closest disciples with Him.

There is so much to learn about discipleship. I had heard a lot of this before. I have implemented some of this before or currently. The whole weekend was nothing like an epiphany in my life, but it challenged me, it motivated me, it reminded me of some things I have not been faithful to as a called discipler of Christ. And, this training time was the culmination of something God has been teaching me about discipleship for a couple of weeks now: It’s all about following Christ and sharing Christ. I can’t do one without the other.

What did I do this weekend that brought glory to God? I was challenged afresh to dedicate my life to making disciples of every nation and partnering with the Spirit in making that happen. So, there are some people I need to reconnect with and sacrifice for…I’m going to go send some emails and maybe make a call or two.

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  1. Mathias said, on January 16, 2006 at 7.46 am

    This sounds amazing. Good thing these kinds of conferences are taking place. Not here in Scandinavia though 😦
    Not yet, at least.
    But let’s see what happens in the next few years.

    I love the concept of discipleship, and something that I have also thought lots about is mentoring. In every other society in history, up to now, the mentor/disciple-relationships have been natural parts of the learning cycle of especially young people. This relationship has been lost, and sadly it has also been lost in the church for a long time.
    But thank goodness it’s coming back, God has really done some awakening in the church about the importance of discipleship these last few years.

    Praise the Lord!

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