A Day In The Life…

Posted in church planting by Nathan Creitz on January 12, 2006

Today was extremely productive. Actually, today made me think of the days when I was on staff at one of those other churches (if you know what I mean) and it came time for the weekly staff meeting. In the past, church staff meetings were endured but just barely. I was constantly thinking to myself, “So, why am I in on this discussion about the remodelling of the bathrooms in the Senior Adult Center?” They were usually a big chunk of wasted time during which the real needs of the church had to be put on hold while we discussed the amount of copies that were made by the nursery and how they shouldn’t need as many copies as the children’s department because the nursery was full of babies that can’t even find their own mouth with their hand, much less color with crayons. (I may be planting a church just so I don’t have to use the word “department” or “committee” or “pews”)

Today was not like that day when I suffered through the ubiquitous church staff meetings. TJ and I meet weekly, but we actually accomplish things in our meetings. It’s brilliant. Who thought that we could use something like a pastoral team meeting to get things done? What’s amazing is that we have our church leadership team meetings on Friday and I anticipate we will actually get some stuff done then too. Crazy!

Today, TJ and I talked about some financial decisions, developed a schedule and went over all logistics in preparation for a mission team that we will host, finalized some stuff for a mission team we will be taking to New Orleans, talked about the time and place of our baptism service, began a discussion about developing a 101 and 201 class for our church, finalized plans for the Sunday when college students begin arriving back in town, talked about a meeting we need to have with our church about the future of our church planting vision, settled on 1 Thessalonians as our next preaching series, worked on content for this semester’s Community Groups, and went over several minor details, and then we divvied up the responsibilities between the two of us. Not only did we have a productive meeting, but I was also able to make some phone calls, work some more on a new strategy for reaching international students in Boston, read Psalm 32 and 33, sent some emails, spent time with the Lord in prayer, wrote this blog and read several others, and went out to dinner with some people in my church (not in that order).

I’ve found that every day is different but that there is always something that can be done for the glory of God. I really love people so I enjoy especially those days when I can meet someone new or spend time with a friend or in a discipleship setting. But even the days I don’t spend with people can be productive. Details have to be taken care of and it’s actually a lot of fun when you know your purpose in doing them. Since most of our church is dispersed throughout the country until school starts back, the details are what I can really dedicate time to and so I might as well do it for His glory. After all, we are told to bring Him glory “in whatever you do…”

So there’s a peek into one of my days. Not all of my days are as productive, but some seem even more inspired. There is a balance. We won’t always be banging on all cylinders, but, for me, the joy of doing the work of the Lord really revs up my RPM’s.

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