India is Aborting Girls

Posted in christian thought, cultural relevance, social justice by Nathan Creitz on January 10, 2006

India made the front page of the Boston Globe today. The title of the article was, “‘Girl deficit’ grows in India,” and it was an article about why millions of girls are being aborted in India.

According to the Boston Globe, there are several reasons why this tragedy is happening. First of all, girls don’t have to support their families when they marry. It is the man’s responsibility to care for his family. Second, in this patriarchal society, the boys will end up having a more lucrative source of income than will the girls. Third, when a girl marries, it is the responsibility of the family to come up with a dowry and to pay for the wedding, so girls cost more. Finally, in many states throughout India, women are still repressed and are not major contributors to society. The girls don’t help the families social status.

Apparently, 10 million female girls were aborted in just two decades. This tragedy is happening among the upper castes because of easier access to ultrasound equipment. The government is outlawing the use of ultrasound and making it illegal to know a baby’s gender before it is born, but there is still a 932 to 1000 ratio of boys to girls across India (according to the 2001 census in India). The Hindu faith does not respect or acknowledge the value of women. This is just one more reason why I want so much to help send educated Indians back to India to bring Christ to the masses.

When C.S. Lewis was researching the religions of the world, he decided that the only two that offered anything for the world were Hinduism and Christianity because all other religions were either thick (meaning they offered mysticism, and deeply spiritual and meaningful existences) or thin (meaning they were easy to understand and accessible). He determined that only Hinduism and Christianity were both thick and thin. However, Hinduism was only thick for the sages and thin for the masses. In other words, Hinduism (in his opinion) was almost like two separate religions. Christianity was the only religion that offered both depth and accessibility to anyone who asked for it. What is Hinduism doing for India? It seems that only the ones in the highest caste systems can benefit from Hinduism, but for 90% of the country, Hinduism is keeping Indians in economic, social, and political poverty.


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